Presenting our 2021 report and foundations for change.

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media coverage

“New report highlights serious health inequities impacting Transmasculine people in LA County” in the Los Angeles Blade (April 7, 2021)

“How Trans People Are Making Health Care Better for Us All” by Candex Seokyi Louie in Rewire News (March 31, 2021)

We have been invisible in Los Angeles County in terms of health planning and policy. We are miscategorized and erased. We wanted to build our own platform for knowledge and mobilize action for change.

TMHJ:LA organizer

About our work

Health justice

Health care is a human right. We address health inequities experienced by Transmasculine people as a direct result of intersecting forms of oppression. We embrace a holistic approach to health and health care. We recognize the need for trans people to be able to access existing health care systems now, while working to transform society and how health care is organized and delivered in the future. We build on the principles of Health Justice.

Research justice

We research to raise the alarm about health problems facing Transmasculine people in order to address the underlying conditions that drive inequities. We research to resist the history of mistreatment and pathologization of Trans, Gender nonconforming, and Intersex (TGI) people within medical institutions. We research to think together, build skills, and produce new ways of knowing about health and well-being. We build on the principles of Research Justice.

Social and political change

We advocate as an act of love and preservation against erasure and repression. We are part of a much broader social change process that is currently taking place within, without, and against institutions. We advocate for universal access to health care that can fully support the dignity of TGI people. We advocate as part of deeply interconnected struggles for reproductive justice, disability justice, immigrant justice, racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, transformative justice, and social justice broadly.

Collective healing

We create to undo colonial, patriarchal, cis-centered ideas of masculinity that have been used to exploit and destroy difference. We create to unpack, redefine, and nurture positive relationships to gender by expanding our own and society's expectations. We create to nurture spaces to thrive, heal, and grow to where our humanity is seen and respected. Trans people have a long history of organizing to take care of ourselves and each other. We aim to lift up and share these forms of community building health practices. We align our work with other forms of liberatory self-help and mutual aid strategies.

Health justice campaign 2021

Trans people are worthy of love, care and protection. On Trans Day of Visibility 2021, we shared a social media campaign using #TransMasculineHealthLA providing data from our participatory action research and health justice organizing work.



visibility & health promotion campaign

The #TMHealthLA visibility campaign launched at the Los Angeles Central Library in June 2016 and has since traveled to venues across Los Angeles. The images were taken by and for transmasculine people who live in Los Angeles and is accompanied with positive health messages. 


A project of Gender Justice LA.

Gender Justice LA is a grassroots social justice organization led by and for gender non-conforming, two spirit, Black, Indigenous, trans people of color in LA. Gender Justice LA organizes, holds space, provides resources, and collaborates with others so that our communities can: resist oppression, develop community responses to violence, heal from present & historical trauma, and come together in ways that feel brave and affirming.

Land acknowledgement

We honor the Tongva land in which we live and work. Acknowledging the land is one important way to increase understanding that our existence is part of a history of the displacement of Indigenous people. True investment in social justice includes acknowledging the original stewards of this land. By acknowledging this history and the people of this land, we refuse the continued erasure of the Indigenous peoples. We are invested in and commit to a healing process that centers and honors Indigenous peoples’ legacy, in a good way with much respect and gratitude.
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